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This songstress is an unrepentant harpy who enjoys performing with She Hates Me as it gives her an opportunity to show off a wildly out-of-date and tasteless wardrobe. Blacklisted in 1954 by Joseph McCarthy, McGill fought her way back into show business after meeting fellow Scorpio and bird-watching enthusiast, Kevin Sullivan. At a massive 5 feet, 4 inches, McGill strikes an imposing figure beside the more diminutive Sullivan and is often referred to by critics as, "the Behemoth of Song." A pillar of her community, McGill uses her status as a pop icon to urge today's young people to "save themselves for marriage," and volunteers at her local YWCA teaching a class in gun smithing.


If you are one of the countless young musicians who make the pilgrimage to Collingswood, New Jersey each year to seek his advice or blessing, then Kevin Sullivan hardly needs an introduction. This ex-member of both the Yardbirds and the Buena Vista Social Club was also a veteran of the stand-up comedy circuit before forming She Hates Me in early 2002. At first, the band was comprised of Sullivan, alone, singing Zombies songs in front of his bedroom mirror. A year later, Sullivan made the acquaintance of Shannon McGill after losing to her in the final rounds of an arm wrestling tournament in a dive bar on the south side of Chicago.Seeing instantly that McGill was the only woman he had ever encountered who was immune to his considerable charms, Sullivan cast her opposite himself in She Hates Me and started the painstaking process of teaching her how to sing. When he isn't making musical history, Mr. Sullivan can be found hunting snipe in the depths of the Pine Barrens or sitting on a park bench muttering quietly to himself.


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