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We're just a voice and a guitar trying to make it in this crazy work-a-day world. We keep it simple. Our album is some of our favorite selections from the Great American Songbook. If you don't know these songs, you ought to.

There are two ways to purchase!

You can download all 13 tracks or contact Shannon to find out where you can buy the CD.

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Email Shannon to buy the CD!

She Hates Me would like to thank the following special people for helping us bring this project to life: Eric Wolff, Marshall Hatfield & Jan Ewing, Dave and Lynda Johnston, Rob Burrough, John Trueson, MaryKay and Jim Maley, The Vogelmanns, Robb C. Sewell, Lisa Ann Shahade, Marie and Bruce Satalof, The Neil H.W. and Julie White Eklund Foundation, Janet, Bob & Jamie Caniglia, Jonathan Elliot . . . AND all of our Kickstarter backers, wonderful families, friends and fellow music lovers who have supported us throughout the years. You have our endless gratitude.

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